Co-founder, Academic, Clinical, Scientific Director and official ambassador of our brand: Elite Cosmetic dental.

Aesthetic Dentist, Graduate of the Cooperative University of Colombia in 2008.

He then furthered his qualifications from the Santafé University foundation in 2011. He is currently completing a Master of Dental Aesthetics at NYU. At the same time he is pursuing a second Master’s with the Institut Joan Autrán in New York in conjunction with Sapienza –  University of Rome  and the Colombian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry. 


He has extensive knowledge in oncology and in the prevention of oral cancer. Noted research includes the correlation between salivary immunoglobulins and clinical indices of cavities experienced in young people. He has studied the structure of dentin treated with different agents prior to the application of adhesive systems for work on surfaces.  As a university professor he is part of the Colombian Dental Federation and the Colombian Society of Surgery and Biomaterials.

Value Proposition

Corporate and scientific protocols

  • We follow and implement stringent patient safety policies.

  • We follow the latest scientific protocols for clinical procedures.

  • Our work team is carefully selected to ensure the best service and guarantees for our procedures.

  • Our procedures are routinely reviewed by internal committees, focusing on continuous improvement.
    In our offices we follow strict biosafety protocols to achieve disinfection, sterilized instruments and equipment, while also guaranteeing sterile, safe environments for our patients.

  • We use equipment with the highest technology, friendly to the environment and backed by the best suppliers nationwide.

  • Comprehensive medical records privacy practices required for digital media, supported by state-of-the-art software.

  • We are monitored by the National Superintendency of Health (SUPERSALUD) and the Secretary of Health.
    We have a thorough emergency and contingency plan, outlined in explicit protocols, to be carried out if needed by trained members of staff for emergency care.

  • We have a digital surveillance system at all of our locations.


Users are our priority. For this we have incorporated strict administrative and scientific procedures that guarantee excellent services, adapted for the medical and dental regulations in each of these areas.

Health, Safety and Work Environment Management

Management System for Health and Safety at Work SG-SST of the company.

In the Dr. Jimmer Hernández Dental Clinics, safety and health at work is applied in compliance with all national regulations, which are the responsibility of the employer, who is committed to all the activities that are planned for the Safety and Health Management System of the organization, adopting provisions that include policy, organization, planning and application.

The following are guidelines to be taken into account in the elaboration of the company’s SG-OSH Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Dr. Jimmer Hernández and his clinics seek to reduce potentially harmful impacts on the environment by reducing consumption of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, which in turn reduces the volume of waste created.

Among the many services and activities undertaken at our clinics, Dr. Jimmer Hernández has chosen to implement environmental management programs with the aim to reduce our impact yet comply with regulations.

Environmental Management

Our clients are our top priority. We have incorporated comprehensive and rigorous administrative and scientific procedures to guarantee excellent services that comply with all medical and dental regulations.

Integrated Best Practices Within Our Facilities

● Apply the 3R method which are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in administrative areas.

● Energy savings through the use of environmentally friendly lighting and equipment.

● Implementation of a rainwater reuse system.

● Significant reduction in printing and paper consumption, as we have the latest trend software.

● Saving water by means of hydraulic devices in sanitary units.

● Compliance by collaborators and users to the environmental policy.

● Implementation of Post-consumer programs for used batteries, peripherals, lighting and electronic equipment.

In compliance with current Colombian environmental regulations and in order to mitigate the environmental impact of services provided by the dental clinics of Dr. Jimmer Hernández. We have implemented the PGHIRS (Comprehensive Hospital Waste Management Plan), with adequate and rational planning for the organization’s needs, guaranteeing responsible handling of biohazardous waste.

Environmental Waste Management

Our clients are our number one priority. We have incorporated strict administrative and scientific procedures that guarantee outstanding client services that adhere to all medical and dental regulations.

Occupational Health

The Dental Clinics of Dr. Jimmer Hernández, establishes in conjunction with the Occupational Health Joint Committee the business policy regarding SG SST.  These occupational workplace protection standards are available at all facilities and within the reach of all workers and outside personnel (contractors, subcontractors and suppliers) that may serve as a service provider to the company.

The Dr. Jimmer Hernández Clinics consider their staff to be their most valuable asset and resource. Maintaining a workplace that protects their health and safety in working conditions that consistently seek to prevent risks in the workplace. This is just one part of our overall safety strategy and commitment to attract, and keep, the most engaged and qualified staff members in our clinics.

In support of our services we continuously look to improve the safe operations and adequate health and safety conditions in the workplace.

The prevention and control of accidents and unwanted events is everyone’s responsibility.

Identifying hazards, evaluating and controlling significant occupational health and safety risks is a priority.

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness conditions in the entity’s facilities contributes to the health care and comfort of those who share it.

Complying with the applicable legal regulations favors the safety of its workers and third parties in general.

Promote and motivate staff in the prevention of occupational hazards in all their activities. Through open communication, awareness and active participation in measures to control them, we will prevent accidents.

Promoting and ensuring that conditions of safety, integrity, physical and mental wellbeing are prioritized during daily operations in the workplace or in places where they are commissioned for services, will avoid risks and accidents at work, as well as occupational hazards.

Prevention of occupational hazards