We implement the latest dental and medical technological advances in tools and materials.

ELITE COSMETIC DENTAL BY JIMMER HERNANDEZ through years of experience, has dedicated much of his career to the construction of a dental laboratory that merges the latest technological advances in dentistry as a fundamental principle. By investing in technological tools that allow us to be at the forefront we use the best materials found throughout the world. At the same time we have the necessary tools to complete any type of dental work that clinics request quickly and efficiently. 

Thanks to the efforts of our experienced technical staff who are dedicated to constant training, understanding the latest updates while striving for continuous improvement, we are able to offer this guarantee: “each piece that arrives at our headquarters is made by expert hands, directed and assigned to a specialist technician who will make sure to meet all the specific parameters that are indicated by the doctor or specialist responsible for the procedure ”.

The pieces created in our state-of-the-art laboratory are custom orders; the shape, size, color, texture, material and processing time may vary.

When the work is finished it will be sent to the quality department, who will inspect and ensure that it complies with the quality parameters we demand as a company. For this it is important to clarify that only 7% of the pieces are returned back to the laboratory to make changes or corrections. In general, our products are always ready to be delivered to the patient regardless of their modality, specialty or complexity, from a complete case of ceramic laminates, or an implant-supported hybrid total prosthesis, to a zirconium cap or a monolithic crown, or a case of lumineers light, all final products are supervised before being sent.

Exceptional Quality

We implement the latest dental and medical technological advances in tools and materials.