Under the professional and scientific guidance of Dr. Jimmer Hernández we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading healthcare service providers in oral health. We have been pioneers in the care and prevention with strict health and safety regulations during COVID-19 in addition to implementing multiple systems of oral health management. We seek to maintain the highest standards and experience for our patients while keeping the most qualified professionals on staff for the wide variety of procedures we offer, guaranteeing professionalism and confidence throughout.


To position ourselves as the standard bearer in professional oral rehabilitation with the most modern technology

At ELITE COSMETIC DENTAL by Dr. Jimmer Hernandez we’re continually updating ourselves. We use the highest quality and most effective materials, apply the latest scientific advances and implement technology at the forefront of high-level dentistry We will treat each patient’s oral health with personalized attention, skill, judgment, and comfort. We will constantly evolve, grow and learn about our profession and we will adapt to any social and cultural changes that enrich our services We will appreciate, communicate and empathize with our patients and teammates to improve the lives of those who are involved in achieving our mission.


Welcome to our headquarters and operational center

It is located in the prestigious Bella Suiza neighborhood to the north of the city. Surrounded by beautiful urban areas and modern buildings, high-profile shopping centers, and several of the best hotels just minutes away.


Our first home and the engine of all our dreams

With a state-of-the-art dental laboratory, modern technology offices and a wide variety of professional services, this location is a key center of professional dentistry in the south of our country.